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Last time, we saw how to create a SmartWeave contract by manually creating the contract source, the initial state and the even how to submit the transactions with the right tags so your contracts are being used as expected.

This time we will learn about the executor, the third (but just as important) part of the SmartWeave contracts. This is what we use to read the latest state of your contract, and to interact with your contract source.

The executor

The executor is the program that runs your contract source on the client against the initial state, and then updates that state…

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A few months ago, the Arweave team released an amazing feature called SmartWeave contracts. Before we start BUIDLing, make sure to check out this article about SmartWeave contracts to learn what they are. Here, we will instead focus on helping you get started on coding your own on top of the Arweave ecosystem.

Most of the devs coming to Arweave are already part of the world of crypto and most come from Ethereum and the smart contracts world, so they understand what a SmartWeave contract is, but most of the time find it hard to understand the differences between both…

A few weeks ago, we released version 1.5.3 of ArweaveJS. The Arweave API wrapper that allows you to interact with Arweave with a few simple functions.

In this new version, we solved a few issues related to working (and testing) the library on Windows and added exciting features.

It’s now possible to get access to a transaction data request without having to load the entire transaction by simply using:

await Arweave.transactions.getData(transactionID);

This way, you don’t need to load the entire transaction to have access to only the data.

And something very cool, now you can initialize Arweave without any options…

Hello developers, today I’ll be explaining a few things that are asked often on the Arweaves’ Discord Server:

  • How to interact with Arweave wallets.
  • How to generate new wallets.
  • Followed by a few examples of what we can do with them.

Don’t know what Arweave is? In a few words, Arweave is a fully decentralized and permanent blockchain database. You can store all kinds of data, including websites, journals, JSON objects, etc., all thanks to the permaweb that are then permanently available on the network. You can access them with any browser using the API to interact with the network…

Hola usuarios de Médium y la web.
Hoy quiero darles una pequeña demostración sobre la Neuroevolución en Javascript.

Que es la neuroevolución?

Primero que nada la Neuroevolución es uno de los tantos algoritmos de inteligencia artificial que existen, este usa algoritmos de evolución para generar automáticamente una red de neuronas y reglas. Estas reglas (o resultados) son usadas para responder a la información enviada. Muy similar como la evolución biológica funciona, por ello este nombre.

La neuroevolución es muy usada en ejemplos de vida artificial, juegos y en la robótica. Al contrario de otros algoritmos, la neuroevolución identifica cuál de sus respuestas es mejor…

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